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<strong>Dr. Radostina Simeonova, MD<br /><i>Physiotherapy , rehabilitation and homeopathy</i></strong>
  • Dr. Radostina Simeonova, MD
    Physiotherapy , rehabilitation and homeopathy

Dr. Simeonova is an approved specialist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Simeonova performs examinations and homeopathic consultations for children and adults. She has extensive experience in the field of laser therapy , manual therapy and kinesitherapy reflexology.

<strong>Dr. Ivan Chirpakov <br /><i>Orthopedics and Traumatology</i></strong>
  • Dr. Ivan Chirpakov
    Orthopedics and Traumatology

Dr. Chirpakov performs diagnosis and treatment of all trauma and orthopedic diseases. He performs diagnostic and therapeutic puncture of the joints, vaginotomy, incision and drainage of palmar or thenar spaces.

<strong>Dr. Marieta Peycheva - Stoitsova<br /><i>Neurology</i></strong>
  • Dr. Marieta Peycheva - Stoitsova

Dr. Peycheva is a specialist in neurological disease. She works with Doppler sonography of vessels. Offers consultations related to socially significant and rare neurological diseases.

<strong>Dr. Liliana Grozdanova<br /><i>Pediatrics and Medical Genetics</i></strong>
  • Dr. Liliana Grozdanova
    Pediatrics and Medical Genetics

Dr Grozdanova has long experience as a geneticist and neonatologist. She offers genetic counseling , referral diagnostics, monitoring of the patient and his family.

<strong>Prof. Dr. Rumen Stefanov , MD<br /><i>Social Medicine and Health Management</i></strong>
  • Prof. Dr. Rumen Stefanov , MD
    Social Medicine and Health Management

Drof. Stefanov is a specialist in social medicine and organization of health and pharmacy. Prof. Stefanov offers consultations in the fields of health promotion, methodology of research designs for epidemiological studies and clinical trials in rare diseases.

<strong>Milena Velinova<br /><i>Psychologist</i></strong>
  • Milena Velinova

Mrs Velinova is a specialist in psychology in infancy. Works using cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy method between parents and children. She helps in forming a happy and confidently functioning of the child and his family.

<strong>Rumyana Moleva<br /><i>Rehabilitator</i></strong>
  • Rumyana Moleva

Mrs. Moleva has an extensive experience in rehabilitation in rare diseases, strokes, limbering-up in post-operative conditions , rehabilitation in neurological and orthopedic diseases.

<strong>Maria Fileva<br /><i>Rehabilitator</i></strong>
  • Maria Fileva

Ms. Fileva performs rehabilitation in respiratory diseases, spinal deformations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. She has specialized unconventional therapies, such as: Eastern Chinese techniques, zone therapy and Su-Jok.

<strong>George Raychev<br /><i>Masseur</i></strong>
  • George Raychev
<strong>Elitsa Harsheva<br /><i>Elitsa Harsheva</i></strong>
  • Elitsa Harsheva
    Elitsa Harsheva
<strong>Emilia Mincheva<br /><i>Medical Secretary</i></strong>
  • Emilia Mincheva
    Medical Secretary
<strong>Evelina Popova<br /><i>Coordinator</i></strong>
  • Evelina Popova