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Medical specialists

We have highly qualified medical specialists.


We have built a patient comfort center.

Medical Center

Modern center with a necessary base for patients.

Medical center Raredis

Medical Centre "RareDis" is a medical establishment for outpatient specialized services, founded in March 2009. The Centre has modern facilities and modern equipment.

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Актуални програми

Our specialists

  • Dr. Diana Ruseva

    Dr. Diana Ruseva Physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine

  • Dr. Ivan Chirpakov

    Dr. Ivan Chirpakov Orthopedics and Traumatology

  • Dr. Rositsa Arturova

    Dr. Rositsa Arturova Endocrinology and metabolism

  • Dr. Liliana Grozdanova

    Dr. Liliana Grozdanova Pediatrics and Medical Genetics

  • Dr. Fani Kolacheva

    Dr. Fani Kolacheva Physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine

  • Milena Velinova

    Milena Velinova Psychologist

  • Evelina Popova

    Evelina Popova Coordinator

  • Pamela Yankova

    Pamela Yankova Rehabilitator

  • Kostadin Matev

    Kostadin Matev Rehabilitator

  • Emilia Mincheva

    Emilia Mincheva Medical Orderly

  • Nadezhda Bayraktarova

    Nadezhda Bayraktarova Medical Secretary

  • Vasilka Aneva

    Vasilka Aneva Medical secretary

Contact information

Medical Centre „RareDis“
22 „Maestro Georgi Atanassov“ str, (next to bl.176A) Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tel. 032/575 797 Mobile: 0895/537 271
Working time:
Monday - Friday 08:00 – 19:00 | Saturday and Sunday: Holidays